"To protect life and property"


Welcome to June Lake California, located in beautiful Mono County, nestled here in the Sierra Nevada.

In Case of an Emergency, DIAL 911

Siren in town: 

If you hear what can be described as an "air raid" siren in town; don't be alarmed. This is one of our ways to summons our Volunteer Fire Department to the Stations in the event of a call. However, be aware of personal and emergency vehicles entering and exiting the Stations.

Emergency Vehicles:

If you see or hear an emergency vehicle behind you with its emergency lights on, please safely pull over to the right unless otherwise instructed.


Our Stations are not manned except Station One is home to our Full Time Paramedics.  Their entry is on the right of the building, upstairs.  However if you need Emergency Assistance, please use the Call Box located in front of Station One and Station Two.


If you smoke; please completely extinguish your cigarettes and dispose of them in the proper receptacle. Please DO NOT toss them on the ground.


If you are camping or backpacking in California and build a fire, use any kind of stove or lantern with a flame, you must obtain and have on your person a California Campfire Permit.

Please DO NOT leave your campfire unattended and completely extinguish your fires before leaving it unattended. "ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES".  

Its recommended that you keep a shovel and a bucket of water near your campfire.